Friday, May 18, 2012

Florence + the Machine - Jazz Fest 2012

So if you read my previous blog post you would have been aware that I have been laptop-less for the past weeks. My dell laptop, which I've been using for two years, got its motherboard completely fried. Which means I lost everything. It would have been too costly to get repaired so I just made the switch and got a 15" MacBook Pro. Just got it yesterday and I can honestly say that in little over 24 hours it has made my life so much easier. With uploading and organizing my pictures and the speed when opening programs and editing pictures. I also can feel comfortable with editing because I know what the picture actually looks like thanks to the graphic quality compared to my previous laptop. Over all, money well spent.

With my new macbook I was able to, finally, edit my pictures from Jazz Fest a few weeks ago. I checked out of school at 9am because I was "sick". Little did I know that I would be filmed and interviewed the second I entered the festival and it would play on television.. just my luck, right? So all my teachers saw me on the news bragging about how I skipped school to see Florence + the Machine and was wearing my sweatshirt to sweat out my "fever". It was possibly the most mortifying and hilarious thing to happen yet.
We waited 6 hours for Florence. As soon as we got in we found the stage she would be playing at and grabbed the front row spots and sat there until she came on. By the time it was 5pm the crowd went back as far as the eye could see. We had amazing spots, front row center. When Florence came out I was able to get so many amazing pictures of her and throughout her performance she would look down at us and even waved once. It was amazing.. 

So happy with how the pictures came out. I was going to wait to do this post once I developed my film, but I'm not even half finished and I couldn't wait any longer to post these! enjoy :)

xx austin

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laptop Passing Away + New MacBook

So the reason why I have not been posting or updating anything is because little over a week ago my laptop died. Some how the motherboard got completely fried and would be too costly to repair. So instead I'm going to take this opportunity to switch over to Apple and get a macbook pro. I'll have it in about a week. 

I never realized how much of an asset it was until I was laptop-less. If you follow me on twitter you'd already know that last Thursday I went and saw Florence + the Machine at Jazz Fest. I skipped out of school and as soon as we walk into the festival I am stopped by news film crew and interviewed about skipping classes for Florence. Just my luck it was aired on television throughout the day.. So now everyone knew.. lol But, we waiting in direct sun for 6 hours until Florence. They had multiple acts throughout the day but we waited and held our spots until Flo came on. We were front row middle, which was perfect. I would go into more detail but seeing how I can't post any pictures I'll wait until I get my macbook and do a separate post detailing everything along with the pictures, which by the way are amazing! 

xx austin

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