Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photo Diary 9/29/12

The month of September has been a long one. I started school so all my free time has been spent studying and doing homework. I really have no time to take pictures, which upsets me. But I'll have plenty of time as the weeks go by. Shooting a little by little on the weekends. I've been planning to start doing bigger shoots in the near future. The month of October is always my favorite and I always get so inspired with the Halloween things. I have a bunch of things in store so stick with me! 

I'm also planning on working on my website more and getting that up and more usable. Also I need to start posting more on here. Just to throw up a small little shoots I do here and there. The only stable thing I use is instagram and twitter. Follow me on there @ unicorngrease to stay updated! 

I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the fall season! Talk to you soon!


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