Monday, October 3, 2011

flickr has died and so have i

      Flickr has totally died. I hardly get any views anymore, and forget about comments. I really don't care because views/comments have never been something important to me. But I will say that once I am finished my 365 I will hardly be posting on flickr anymore. I plan to launch my own website late december - early january. With the website launch i will begin working on my first book. I may decide to do some sort of giveaway to set off all of this but I will figure it out with time. 

     I will not end my 365 until the 365th photo appears on my stream. This is roughly my 4th attempt at some sort of 365 project and I have never gotten this far. So I will definitely finish it, as many of you are asking. The only problem I currently have with the project is that it is becoming very forced and planned. Which is never a good thing. I wish I had time to set up a really nice shoot and spend a week maybe editing and working on the pictures. 

     I have many ideas for my life beyond this 365. My best and current ideas are being saved for after January when this project is over. That being said, I am not going to just post shitty photos just to fill a spot in this 365. But the best ideas will be saved.

     I also know that I have neglected this blog. But with the website launch will also be the opening of a new blog on my site. That blog will be updated with every shoot I do. That is probably one of the biggest things I am looking forward to.

xx austin


  1. Preach. Flickr is a bitch. I honestly have no idea how people get on explore anymore. I just bought the domain for my website the other day.

    Wait so I definitely took a picture like this in like 10th grade. It's so hilarious. I've gotta find it for you.

  2. Do you think it will get better :)? I mean, everything has it's ups and downs.

  3. I completely agree, people seem to have become bored with flickr. I'm guessing because it's colder and more specialist than facebook. I have a flickr where I mostly post my realism based portraits they may not be everyones cup of char but I think they deserve some views but I rarely get those! I have a facebook page too that's quite new but already I have regular feedback and the possibility that someone will commission me
    If you haven't already got one then I'd recommend it because I think blogger is a dying breed too, it seems like facebook, youtube, tumblr and twitter are the current popular platforms.


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