Sunday, November 20, 2011

3 Fashion Shoots; DIY

     I saw this video that came across my tumblr on DIY flower crowns. I loved the idea and it was easy enough. I haven't had a photoshoot with Francesca in a good week so we wanted to go out and take some pictures. All the accessories were bought at a local dollar store so this look is simple and cheap to make! If you want to make your own flower crown just click HERE :)


      For these pictures I was really inspired by German Gothic Fashion. I wanted to do something dark but still very avangard. We shot in a cemetery around 10pm. Regardless of being in a cemetary it was cold and pitch black and very hard to focus. I used the built in flash for these. All the hair and makeup was done in my car on sight. All together the shoot took roughly 2 hours. But it was all worth it in the end.


     I decided to make a Newspaper Dress 2.0. If you follow my work you would have seen one of my strongest pieces which I did over the summer, which was a dress I made out of newspaper. On this shoot I wanted to make a dress out of dead leafs. I love the who concept of rebirth and using things over and over. Along with the concept of bringing something dead back to life in a new form. This was the inspiration for this dress. I also love unconventional uses for designing and making fashion.
     To finish this off I want to send a HUGE thank you to my best friend, Francesca, for being the model in all of these pictures and putting up with my bitching and stress! Without her none of this could have been done.

xx austin

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