Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Website/Blog!

So I recently launched my website which can be viewed HERE. I've received tons of positive feedback about the site so thank you! 

I also purchased the domain for my blog. So now you no longer need the :)

A little update: I've  been extremely busy with college apps and school work; e.g. Research paper. Exams are coming up and I have tons to studying to do. But I have only 2 weeks until the Christmas break which will allow me time to go out and shoot. I have been reading a lot so I plan on doing some sort of book review or book list of books that I'd suggest reading. I'm a photographer not a book critique so it won't be anything lengthy or in dept :{

I want to thank everyone who has been following me and offering positive comments and feedback regarding my work. It means the world to me.

xx austin

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