Friday, July 6, 2012

Newspaper Dress 2.0

A quick little update on what's going on in my life. So I'm currently taking a break from packing to do this post. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to go back to the beach! I'm going to turn into a beach bum by the end of the summer. Before I left I wanted to share with you all some pictures I took the other day.

I made another newspaper dress. I always find them really fun to make, because I construct them on the model at the location of the shoot. So it's a one of a kind piece that is literally ripped off after the pictures. So it's almost as if the dress is only alive and real within the picture and within the work. So I'll go ahead and show you all the pictures!

Special thanks to my friend Lauren for enduring the heat and letting me tape newspaper all over her! Also, I haven't been posting that many recent pictures from my shoots because I am saving them for my book. But I will be slowly releasing them soon, promise. 


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