Saturday, August 13, 2011

lipstick and hair

     Today Francesca and I wanted to go take pictures. We both had a long week of school and wanted to drive and explore for picture places. We just packed a suit case full of props because we didn't know what exactly we were going to do. We drove for about 30 min and found a side street with a gravel road. But before we did any of that we did shot some pictures in my room.

     I have been wanting to do this idea for almost a year now. I haven't really taken any pictures in over a week so I thought now would be the perfect time to do an old idea. I saw one of Alexander McQueen's fashion show when he made all the models wear nets over their faces. I thought it looked amazing. Also his fall 2009 line all the models had huge lips with lipstick everywhere. That has been made an iconic look and one of my favorites. I wanted to incorporate both in these pictures.

       After we did that shoot we jumped in the car and started driving. We found this gravel road off the main street where we turned off. It went a couple miles into the woods but eventually led to an electricity plant. As we got closer to it we saw a huge patch of daisies. I thought it would be really pretty and simple to have her sit it them with the wig. I wanted something simple and pretty, there was no real inspiration  behind this besides nature itself.


     After that we took a different gravel path back to the main road. As we drove we found a huge wooden cabin. It was amazing. I was so excited. We were running out of daylight but I decided to shoot with what we had. When I saw the wooden door and my 60" wig I made a connection. I thought of a performance done by Lady Gaga a few months ago for the Japanese VMA's. She was tangled in a huge spider web and her hair was all entangled in it. I wanted to do something similar although I have done it before.

     It was a spur of the moment shooting but we had a lot of fun and we got some amazing shots. We are going back out tomorrow so possible post tomorrow? Not sure yet. Thanks for reading.

xx austin

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