Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laptop Passing Away + New MacBook

So the reason why I have not been posting or updating anything is because little over a week ago my laptop died. Some how the motherboard got completely fried and would be too costly to repair. So instead I'm going to take this opportunity to switch over to Apple and get a macbook pro. I'll have it in about a week. 

I never realized how much of an asset it was until I was laptop-less. If you follow me on twitter you'd already know that last Thursday I went and saw Florence + the Machine at Jazz Fest. I skipped out of school and as soon as we walk into the festival I am stopped by news film crew and interviewed about skipping classes for Florence. Just my luck it was aired on television throughout the day.. So now everyone knew.. lol But, we waiting in direct sun for 6 hours until Florence. They had multiple acts throughout the day but we waited and held our spots until Flo came on. We were front row middle, which was perfect. I would go into more detail but seeing how I can't post any pictures I'll wait until I get my macbook and do a separate post detailing everything along with the pictures, which by the way are amazing! 

xx austin

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