Friday, June 22, 2012

Website Redesign, Book Publishing, Business Cards, and Stickers! Monthly Update - June

I have been so busy this month. I've hit a stand still with my photography and needed a new start. I found myself wanting professionalism that my work, in photography, was lacking. For starters my website design grew old and was screaming for a redesign. That was one of the first things I tackled. I organized my work through categories to make everything a lot easier for viewing. I also cleared up the layout so it was more spacious and user friendly :) 

Along with the redesign I'm testing out different designs and materials for my business cards I'll be getting made at the end of the summer. I didn't really prepare for how difficult it would be to figure out what exactly I want the design and layout of the cards to be along with the images and paper material options I have. So I ordered a few samples which I will be viewing and deciding on in the next few weeks. 

Along with business cards I will be getting stickers made! This is probably the one thing I am most excited for. There will be two different designs printed, designed by my high school art teacher, and friend, Andrew Dart. Each having one of my characters on it; King & Unicorn Grease. If you follow me you'll know about each ;) The King one is finished (and can be seen above/on my website) and ready for printing, but the Unicorn Grease one is still in the process of designing. But once I have both finished copies I will post them along with a link for ordering.
I'll be printing more than I'll know what to do with and stick them on anything and everything I can get my hands on. So be on the look out. If any of you would like a sticker book or just a few to stick around just send me an email and I'll be glad to send you some!

All of this leads up to me officially announcing that I will be publishing a book! 

I've been talking about/debating whether or not I was going to get one published or not for the past three years, but never felt that the time was right. Well I have grow so much since I have started photography and have such a huge collection of work and photographs that I feel that right now is the perfect time for me to go through with it. This will be my first endeavor and the book will be 100% written and designed by myself. I'm extremely excited to share this with all of you after keeping it a secret, for the most part, for a little over a month. I have the book title but knowing me it will change so I am not going to be able to share that with you until it is final and set in stone. I will however share with you an image from a shoot I did specifically for the book. That image can be seen above. 

The book will be composed of both photographs and writing. It's going to be what I like to call a "photographic biography". Letting you see the images I have created over the years along with personal information on my growth and development as a photographer. The book will hopefully be printed and ready for sale around Christmas. The only thing that will be hard is not sharing any of the images from shoots I have planned the rest of the summer and into the fall. Of course I will be showing you some because that would be too awful to just disappear for that time, but I really do want this book to contain as many "never before seen" images as possible. Although there will be a large portion of images you have seen from the past. Everything's still under editing and development so I can't say anything is really set in stone as of yet. But it is happening, and will be done.

I hope all of you are doing fine and enjoying the summer! 
I appreciate all the love I have been receiving and also all the emails you all have sent on the website. It means the world to me. 


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